Outdoor Service, Sat. Dec 5 @ 5PM, and Indoor Service, Sun. Dec 6 @ 11AM, both services streamed online.  Follow our Facebook page for updates.

Outdoor Service Saturday at 5 P.M.
Indoor Service Sunday at 11 A.M.
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Stonebridge College and Career Ministry exists to make disciples of young men and women in order for the glory of the Lord to shine everywhere. Taking up your cross daily is a challenging journey that we encounter in our walk with God. We seek to fellowship and learn from each other in our quest to become more like Christ. We welcome both saved and lost souls to study the truth that sets us free. We believe in the power of prayer, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit that work together to help us serve and minister to our communities. At Stonebridge, we seek to proclaim our faith and plant the seeds of of Christ in our daily lives and that of others.