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Authentic Spirituality

'Spirituality' is an oft used word that can mean any number of things, depending on the person using the word. For some, 'spirituality' is a rather subjective, completely 'personal' experience in which one pursues experience and certain feelings 'breakthrough,' or some such thing. For others, 'spirituality' can simply mean that a person is 'sensitive' to things  like the created order. An example would be how some describe feeling more 'at one' with 'everything' while they are out in nature, how there is a 'calmness' they experience. There is some truth to this kind of spirituality in that all creation declares the glory of God, but we are not to worship creation-it is simply a reflection of a much greater and more glorious reality: God.

Still yet, for others, 'spirituality' refers to seeking 'enlightenment' as is often the case of Eastern religions or for some in the West, it may simply be 'doing good things and being a nice, moral person who believes in a Higher Power' or some such thing.

And, for many Christians in the United States, the idea of being 'spiritual,' quite often means a person is interested in Bible study, prayer, talking about God, sharing their faith (all good things)-but that is often where Western Christianity stops.

Jesus shows us a radical spirituality in the Sermon on the Mount. In this incredible sermon, Jesus addresses everything from matters of the heart, attitudes, how we deal with people who hate us or persecute us unjustly, what acts of righteous that please God actually look like, learning to trust God for everything and so much more.When we walk through this incredible sermon, we see that the spirituality Jesus shows us encompasses all of life. It goes far beyond 'feelings' and extends to action. It is much greater than seeking some kind of enlightenment and is a radical invitation to walk and live in Truth, to know Truth. We see things He demands that we could never do in our own strength, and honestly, would never even seek to do in our natural state.

Jesus' spirituality is to be frank, radical.

We are walking through the second part of our Sermon on the Mount sermon series.  I hope that you will join with us in worship at 11:00 a.m. (and Bible study at 9:45 a.m.!) this Sunday. Jesus calls us to this radical, counter-cultural, God-honoring, transformed life that can only be found in and through and from Him.  He calls us to True Spirituality-one that acts,  I pray you'll join us as we grow and learn together.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kevin