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Concerning the Coronavirus

Dear Church Family,


Because of the recent coverage of the coronavirus, I want to assure you that your church, Stonebridge, is keeping track of the situation through trustworthy sources: the CDC, the Texas Department of State Health Services and our local health department.  There is understandably, much concern about the virus, possible implications for our communities and our church, should we experience soemthing like school closures, or other closures related to the virus.

We have friends who are pastors in Italy, and the virus, as you know, is spreading there. Some churches are not able to meet for a period of time. Schools have been closed, museums, theaters, etc., until the threat is contained. What happened there, could happen here. We do not know. We do know the CDC stated as recently as yesterday that is it likely not a matter of 'if' but 'when' the virus spreads in the U.S.

God is Sovereign. We need not fear not panic. We will stay in prayer. In the unlikely event that we experience closures and are unable to meet, to gather for worship, study, discipleship or corporate prayer, we are working on ways we can not only stay in touch but also worship and study together (online) and minister as well.  We are monitoring the situation and are looking at ways we can minister if there is some kind of temporary shut down.

In the meantime, I encourage you all to pray for our nation and for the world. We are all here but for a short period of time. How we live our lives now, as believers, matters supremely.

I was struck by the prayer request of one of my Italian pastor friends. He did not ask for prayer that the virus be stopped, rather that this would be an opportunity used by God to make Italians more receptive to the gospel and to Christ. He simply asked that we pray that God would be glorified in Italy.

And that should be and will be our prayer for our city and nation and for our church.

May He be glorified in our lives, and may the gospel advance in San Antonio.

Grace to You,