Outdoor Service @ Stonebridge on Aug 8 & 9 @ 7:30PM.  Streaming also @ 7:30PM on Aug 9.

Evening Dusk Service

August 8 & 9 

730 PM to 830 PM

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It seems so very much is being redefined in our culture today. It also seems that main things and  things of first importance are being neglected or forgotten as more and more people focus on issues and pursuits and things that ultimately do not matter, or are purely selfish, things that are of little consequence in the larger scheme of things.

Sadly, marriages and families are suffering from these redefinitions and misguided pursuits. The damage and pain from it all is tragic.

The Good News is: God Designed marriage and family and the Designer knows how to make marriages and families function and focus and be as healthy as possible. The Designer knows what He is doing!

Starting Saturday, January 6th in our Saturday Evening Service (5:00-6:10 p.m.) and Sunday, January 7th in our morning worship (11:00 a.m.) we will see what God's plans and purposes are, His design for marriage and the family.

There is more good news: God is in the business of making things  new, of healing, of blessing and renewing.

We hope to see you this weekend and in the weeks ahead!


Pastor Kevin