Services on Saturday, Apr 1 @ 5PM & Sunday, Apr 2 @ 11AM are both indoors and streamed online.  Follow our Facebook page for updates.

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November 14,15: Return to Normal Worship Hours!

Mark your calendars! November 14 and 15 we return to our normal (our usual) worship hours, with Saturday services returning to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday morning services returning to 11:00 a.m.! 

God has blessed our church in the most amazing and wonderful of ways during this unusual time of Covid-19, and our outdoor services have been a holy experience. The Lord has allowed us to do things in that context we would not have otherwise been able to do. A few months ago, we sensed Him leading us to have outdoor, dusk services, and He has used those services in powerful ways.

Now we sense Him leading us to return to our normal worship hours. We will do so on the weekend of November 14 and 15. Saturday services will still be outdoors, as we realize we have members who are not yet comfortable going indoors, and, as stated earlier, the Lord has been using those services. As such, our Saturday service will remain outdoors for the next few (or more) weeks, but will begin at 5:00 p.m. Our Sunday services will return indoors, and begin at 11:00 a.m.. 

On that weekend we will be rededicating ourselves, all ministries and the church property and grounds, to the Lord, for His use, His glory and purposes. God has blessed us with a third portable (which should arrive in the next few weeks), and, with that, we will have expanded education space for all our needs. If parking gets expanded, we could go to a third service in 2021. Pray about that! Our prayer is only that God glorify Himself!

Our bible study classes will scale back on campus once we have both worship services fully staffed and running smoothly. For us to do everything we need to do for everyone's safety, we still need more volunteers. The good news is, in one sense, we have almost all the volunteers we need for one shift on Saturday and one on Sunday. We believe, however that moving forward, for us to be the body we are called to be by the Lord, everyone must have a place to serve (that is the biblical pattern!) so it is our prayer goal to have each service team 'two-three teams deep,' so no one team is carrying the full weight, so there are people ready to serve should someone be sick or out of town or an emergency comes up. 

As such, pray about where you might serve. Our associate pastor, Roger Perez, is overseeing our volunteer staff. If you'd like to volunteer for parking lot crew, cleaning crew, as an usher or want to help out with our welcome team, please contact him at . He will make sure to connect you with the appropriate team. 

God has blessed Stonebridge Baptist in remarkable ways during 2020. We look forward to the things He has for us in the future. Now, as we prepare to regather at our normal times, to start moving forward in other areas and to above that, recommit ourselves to Him, let's be in prayer and ready to move forward together as one body! We hope to see you THIS weekend as well during one of our outdoor services as we continue our study of Daniel. This week we will see some of the keys to Daniel's spiritual vitality and strength that enabled him to stand firm in difficult times. 

We hope to see you!

Grace to You,

Pastor Kevin