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Saturday and Sunday Services Returning to Normal Hours: What is Your Role?

We are prayerfully preparing to return to our 'old' (normal, pre-Covid-19) worship service hours! That change would mean that we would return to Saturday service beginning at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday morning services beginning at 11:00 a.m. However, for us to get there, everyone in the body will need to be in prayer and will need to answer the question: 'where am I called to serve?'

God has been amazingly gracious and good to Stonebridge Baptist Church during this very unusual seven month period in 2020. We must praise and thank Him for all He has done! He has used this church to advance the gospel far beyond anything we could havev imagined before (across the city, state, nation and even the world!), and He has saved the lost, revived the saved, kept us together and strong, and brought people to us who are hungry for Him and for the Truth. He has provided for our needs financially as well! We are not only in a position now to pay off our church building debt, but we are now rejoicing in that He has provided an excellent third portable for us, one that has two restroom facilities, exactly what we needed! 

These developments allow us to start praying toward the future, namely: 'what do you want us to do, Father, for your glory, that we might be most useful to you?' in ways we could not have imagined pre-Covid. Currently, I am praying for our parking needs. If we add more parking when the third portable is hooked up and the decking installed, we could, if needed, go to a third worship service that we might reach more people. God has been amazing to us as a church.

And now we stand at the next crossroads in our faith journey: preparing to move back to our normal worship hours. God has blessed our outdoor services tremendously. He has brought people to us that we might not normally reach. These services have been a holy time! 

As we prepare to move back to our 'old' times, we will keep our Saturday service outdoors for the time being as there are still people not yet comfortable going in a building due to Covid, and keeping one service outdoors also allows us to continue gathering if there is another surge that would prohibit indoor gatherings. 

The Sunday service will be indoors at 11:00 a.m.

Before we switch back to our old times, our normal times, we will need volunteers for both services in key areas. Once we have the necessary number of volunteers in each area, we will know that God's people are ready to return to our normal worship hours. As such, we are asking all members to pray and to ask God a simple, but very important question: 'where do you want me to serve, Lord?' 

The reality is, all of us are saved to serve. All of us. 

Here is a list of volunteer needs we have as we prepare to make this transition. Please pray about joining one of the following teams, which are needed for both Saturday and Sunday services. This does not mean that a team serves both Saturday and Sunday, rather these are two separate days so we will need full teams for both of these days.

1) We will need three parking lot attendants for each service.

2) We will need four-five ushers for each service

3) We will need cleaning crews for each service. Each cleaning crew needs a minimum of five people. 

4) Our welcome team will need more help as well. We do not have the number on this yet, but we know that as we continue to grow and as we prepare to make this transition, our incredible welcome team will need more help. 

Where are you called to serve? Be in prayer and let's get ready for the things the Lord has for us in this next stage of our journey! 

If you are drawn to a certain area to serve, please contact Roger Perez, our Associate Pastor, who oversees our volunteer teams for Saturday and Sunday. His email is roger@stonebridgesa.com 

Our God is an Awesome God and we look forward to the things He has for us! Let's prepare to move forward together, for the glory of God and the blessing of many!

Grace to You,

Pastor Kevin