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Thankful for Our Volunteers!


"As it is, there are many parts, yet one body."-1 Corinthians 12:20

"...but through love serve one another."-Galatians 5:13b


They are all around you whenever you step onto our campus. Some of them are serving in more visible ways, and others are serving in less visible ways. All are important.  Each individual who serves recognizes that he or she is a part of the local Body of Christ, and has a role and or roles to serve out of his or her giftedness, so they serve. 

These people do many things: they teach. They handle administrative tasks. They clean up and arrange rooms and buildings. They repair things that need to be repaired. They pay bills. They minister to families. They gather to pray. They reach out to the lost and they reach in to minister to members. They greet you at the door and the welcome desk. They keep the books balanced. They train others to do what they do. They serve quietly behind the scenes, as unto the Lord, not for the applause of man. They walk around neighborhoods to share the love of Jesus with our neighbors. They are on security detail during services. They change diapers and they teach children and youth and young adults and senior adults and everyone in between to know Christ and to grow in their faith. They study and prepare their lessons. They give counsel. They bless those in need. They send out information to the church, make calendars and work on websites. They work with our technology so the worship services flows well and so those viewing on live-stream can worship with us, and, so the gospel can go out. They help lead us in worship in song. They sing. They play instruments. 

They do so much more. They are everywhere. They are present every day of the week. 

They serve in many ways and without them, the church cannot function in a healthy manner, or, function well at all for that matter. 

Who are 'they?' They are our remarkable volunteers, and I want to take time to let them know that I, and we as a church family, love them deeply and appreciate them greatly!

As we enter into this season of Thanksgiving, I felt it was so very important for us to take time to tell all of our volunteers, 'thank you!' 

Thank you for what you do. Thank you for your perseverance and your Christ-like attitudes. Thank you for your desire to glorify God and to bless others. Thank you for the time and effort you give! 

I want to close with two challenges: First, Stonebridge family, take time to thank one or several of our amazing volunteers this month! We all need that pat on the back and we all need that encouragement.  If you'd like to take it one step further in blessing them, take a moment to pray for them while you are thanking them! 

The second challenge is to those who may not yet have found their niche, their spot to serve. Examine your giftedness and pray. Like all churches we still have needs. We need a young married adult Sunday school teacher, and, as we prepare for Children in Action, we need a few more assistants (classroom helpers) and one more teacher. Pray about those areas. You just may be the answer to prayers for those areas. If you want to know more information, send an email to us at and you will be connected to the appropriate ministry team.

We are all saved to serve. This is what it means to be a member of the Body. Thank you, amazing Stonebridge Baptist Church volunteers for all you do, for making a difference for the Kingdom. We are thankful for you!

Grace to You,

Pastor Kevin