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2022:These Things are Necessary

The past two years were rather difficult for many people, Christians and non-Christians alike. Many Christians found they did not have the spiritual and emotional resources they thought they had when all of the changes associated with Covid-19 and seismic cultural and spiritual changes converged. 

Many felt numb, disconnected, frustrated, angry, anxious, fearful and depressed. 

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but as we approach a new year, 2022 may well be more complicated and stressful than the past two years. Not only are we still dealing with Covid-19 and significant cultural and spiritual changes in our culture, we are also dealing with inflation, economic uncertainty, saber rattling between three super-powers, increased cultural fragmentation (to name but a few things that are now a part of our reality), and all of this is being processed by a large segment of our society that has expressed a profound sense of isolation and anxiety and fear and frustration and anger. 

We must learn from the past two years. As we enter into 2022, we will start off the year in a sermon series that addresses the ancient paths, the necessary things we must return to if we are to thrive and not be 'victims of our circumstances.'  The things we will examine in the weeks ahead address essential life issues and heart issues we must address if we are to grow spiritually on an individual level, on a family level and as a church. 

Yes, it is possible, if we align ourselves to God and His Word and humble ourselves and walk in those ancient ways, to actually thrive and grow and to experience joy and peace and strength and purpose even if the world around us seems to be spinning out of control. 

I want to encourage you to start off the new year by worshiping with us, either this Saturday or Sunday. Saturday services begin at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday services begin at 11:00 a.m.. Having said this, I am not just encouraging you to worship with us this weekend, but to determine and purpose in your heart now, today, to worship with us weekly, to adjust life and schedules to worship with the people of God. 

Hint: this is one of many necessary and essential things to spiritual vitality. 

As we approach 2022 and all the uncertainties that are ahead, let us not be fearful nor discouraged, rather, let us turn and return to the Lord wholeheartedly that we might stand firm in Him. 

Now is the time. 

I look forward to seeing you this weekend and in the days and weeks ahead.

Grace to You,

Pastor Kevin