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Jesus, Vacation Bible School and the Great Commission

This coming Sunday, Stonebridge Baptist Church launches our summer Vacation Bible School! The theme this year is: 'Galactic Starveyors.'  Sunday night through Thursday night, 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m., children will learn about The God Who Created All Things.  It is for young people who have completed Kindergarten-completed 6th Grade.

Not only will they learn that the One who spoke all things into existence, from universes and galaxies to the earth itself to each person, they will also learn this amazing God knows and loves each of them perfectly!

Our culture is a post-Christian culture. One of the many implications of a post-Christian culture is that we change where we start in terms of sharing the Good News. Gone are the days in which it was almost guaranteed that a child (or youth or adult) would have a shared sense that 'certainly, there is a Creator, Someone we call God, who made all things. We used to assume such things and from that basic assumption, we would begin sharing the Gospel from a vantage point in which we basically were able to say, 'let me tell you what God has done for us!'-and from there, we could talk about Jesus.

Now, very much like the early church as the Gospel advanced through the Roman Empire, we start with 'there is a Creator God-let me tell you about Him.' We see Paul taking this approach in Acts 17 as he engages the Athenian philosophers with the Gospel. This is where we must start now as well.

Today, we are surrounded by children who have never heard the story of Jesus, who do not know that they were created by God for relationship with Him and for His glory. And, often, their older siblings and parents do not know these truths either.

I love Vacation Bible school! It is a wonderful way to not only sow more of God's Truth and Love into our own children, the children of Stonebridge, it is also an incredible way to engage and serve and make disciples in our community. We have this time, this upcoming Sunday night-Thursday night, to truly impact lives for the sake of the Gospel!

My challenge to us all:

1) Make sure our children are enrolled!

2) Encourage our children to invite their friends!

3) We must get word out to our communities! This Wednesday night after Fun-N-Son (our children's missions', fun and Bible study time) and our adult discipleship and prayer time (Lessons from the Early Church: The first 350 years-you really need to be there!) we will go out into our communities to invite area children.

With that, we need to make sure we are all sharing on Facebook and our neighborhood apps about this great opportunity!

4) We need to be in prayer for the week, that God would glorify Himself and do incredible works!

5) And (we can't forget this part!)-let's encourage people to register online! If you will look at the VBS advertisement and informational graphic on the front page, you'll see a link to register children.

What an incredidble opportunity we have before us! Let's be in prayer and let's get ready for a GREAT Vacation Bible school!

For the King and His Kingdom!

Grace and Peace,