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Missions: What is Your Field?

It's right up there in terms of being one of those categories we Christians all know how to answer, and by answer, I mean give the 'Sunday school answer,' the expected answer, the right answer.

But giving the  right answer to the question is not enough. We can give all the right answers and do nothing with what we know and miss the boat entirely. It's possible to know a great deal about God and His Kingdom and His ways and His Word and His will and to do....nothing.

This is the great danger of our American evangelical culture:knowing a lot of the answers and yet not personally doing what we should do in response to Him.

Back to missions: you and I know The Great Commission. We know we are to be on mission and to be supportive of missions. What does that look like?

* Praying for missionaries in general?

* Giving some kind of financial gift to support missions?

Certainly these things are important, but we are called to more. We all have opportunity to be on mission all around us. You don't have to go overseas to be on mission. You don't have to relocate to the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast or anywhere else to be on mission.

You can do that right here. Here are a few things to consider:

1) The nations are here. God has brought the nations to America. Why? I submit to you, He brought them here to hear the gospel, to encounter Jesus. Many come from nations and places where the gospel is simply not present. We can reach them here.


2) College campuses are mission hotbeds. The largest generation in U.S. history is also the largest unreached generation in U.S. history-about 20-25% are evangelical Christians.


3) Your neighbor is likely not a follower of Jesus. The rise of the 'nones' and the new athiests as well as people following other gods and false belief systems is on the rise even as evangelicalism is declining.


4) You can pray for and adopt an unreached people group-right from your computer. Check out Operation World. Read. Learn. Pray.


5) You can host an exchange student. Have you ever considered opening your home? Pray about that.


6) Our junior high and high schools are mission fields. Your workplace is a mission field.


7) Your neighborhood and your children's friends and the families connected to you through extracurricular activities are part of your mission field.

It's all around you. We don't suffer from lack of opportunities. We suffer from lack of vision.

Let us pray. Let us ask God to show us our role in His global missionary enterprise.

This week is VBS, and yes, that is also a part of our mission endeavor. We have opportunity to reach families by ministering God's love and Word to children.

Don't miss out on all that God has for you. Pray. Step out. Go. Invest.

May this be true of us individually and of us as a church.

For the King and His Kingdom,

Pastor Kevin