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Discover (or Rediscover) the Wonder of God's Gift to Us This Christmas!

It's been almost two years since Covid-19 became a part of our everyday vocabulary and changed so many parts of our 'normal' lives and routines. Over the past (almost) two years, we have also experienced other things that have been rather unsettling: Social unrest and upheaval, profound cultural and spiritual shifts and upheavals, isolation, confusion over what is true and what is not true in the news, economic uncertainty and many other the overall sense of 'waiting for the other shoe to drop' have led many, according to psychiatrists, to despair. There is a significant rise in domestic abuse  substance abuse, suicide and random acts of violence in our culture. 

Our nation desperately needs Hope. Real Hope. 

Our nation has discovered that politicians and scientists, Big Tech and stimulus checks and the media cannot 'save' us. Our challenges and problems are much deeper than anything man can solve.

We need Jesus. We always have. We always will. The problem in our culture is that for too long we have looked almost everywhere else and to anyone else but Him. 

This Christmas is an opportunity for us all to experience real Hope by turning our full attention to Jesus Christ, God the Son, the greatest gift ever given to humanity.

Christ is still in the business of finding and saving the lost, healing the brokenhearted, redeeming past pains and hurts and welcoming home wayward sons and daughters. While so very much has changed in our culture and in our world, He has not. He never has changed nor will He ever change. 

I want to invite you to worship with us this Christmas Season. It is my prayer that if you have not received the Greatest Gift Ever Given, that you will, and, if you have already received that Gift, that you would treasure Him once more. 

He is our only Hope. He is the only One who can give us true peace and true joy. 

I hope to see you this month. We have two worship services to choose from: Saturdays at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m.. And, while I have your attention, for those who have questions about baptism (what is it, why is it a big deal and who should be baptized?) Saturday, December 4th after our Saturday service (6:15) and Sunday morning, December 5th after our Sunday morning service (12:15) there will be a brief 20 minute class on baptism. I invite you to attend that if you have any questions. 

Don't miss Christ in the season that bears His Name. Instead, make this season truly all about Him! 

Come, let us adore Him! 

Grace and Peace,