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When you think of the book of Genesis, several things may immediately  come to mind: the power of the Creator. The creation event itself. The fall of our first parents. God's pursuit of His wayward creation.

Other stories and people come to mind as well, but for many, if it's 'Old Testament,' it's not relevant. Whether it is a popular pastor today stating that Christians must unfetter from the Old Testament or the notion that the God of the Old Testament is an angry, mean God while the God of the New Testament is loving and nice and kind, people (and sadly, professing Christians), have many wrong ideas about the Old Testament.

This is tragic.

Nothing could be further from the truth: the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. God's grace is found all over the Old Testament from the moment our first parents rebelled. God pursues. He redeems. He calls. He shows compassion and mercy.  He is at work in glorious ways in the Old Testament, preparing  all of creation and for that moment  when God the  Son personally interrupts human history and dwells among us, lives  and teaches us, willingly lays down His  life for us, rises from the  grave for us. 

In Genesis we see God's plan for mankind begin to unfold.  We see Him love and pursue and rescue and bless. We see ourselves in the Genesis story as well, people very much like  us, people prone to stumbling and faltering, individuals who experience great moments of obedient faith and then fall flat on their face in rebellousness or fear.

Genesis is filled with lessons on life with God, who God is, His plans and  purposes in  human history, the nature of faith and what it means  to walk with Him. It's a gloriously rich and textured book that so accurately portrays not only  our condition, but our Hope.

We begin our study of Genesis the weekend May 26, 27 (Saturday services at 5:00 p.m. and Sundays at 11:00 a.m.). We would love for you to study and grow and learn and worship with us as we journey together!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kevin