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What’s It All About?

At Stonebridge, the gospel is a key part of who we are and it is a central part of our purpose. If we were to summarize what Stonebridge is all about in a few words, it would be, “The Gospel.” What is the gospel? What do you have to know and believe to be apart of the church? What is the church really all about?

What Is The Gospel?

The word “Gospel” literally means “good news,” but for us there is a lot more that needs to be said about the Gospel.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The Gospel is the life changing message that God has done something utterly remarkable by sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. If we were to summarize the Gospel in four words, it would be: Jesus In My Place.
Jesus was buried. You bury people who die. Jesus didn’t just suffer or pass out. Jesus died. Jesus died the death we deserved.
Jesus rose again. The Gospel also teaches us that Jesus rose from the dead to claim victory over death and sin. The fact of the resurrection means that Jesus really was the Son of God. The resurrection means that Jesus is alive and that we can find eternal life and a better life by placing our trust in Him.

What Does The Gospel Mean?

There are two questions that every person is trying to answer through religion. 1. What do I do about me? How do I fix myself? 2. What do I do about my sin? How can I have peace with God when I know I’ve done some bad things in my life? The gospel is your answer! The gospel is good news, not good advice! The gospel is both theological and practical.

The Gospel means there is hope
The Gospel means our broken relationship with God has been restored
The Gospel means we have been set free from the penalty and power of our sin
The Gospel means God knows everything about us and chooses to love us
The Gospel means there is no sin that God cannot and will not forgive
The Gospel means we can have eternal life and a better life
The Gospel means we have the assurance that we will enjoy God for all eternity
The Gospel means our lives can change so that we find purpose

Believe & Experience The Gospel

If you have never experienced the power of the Gospel we would love to help you understand it more fully. The Gospel has changed our lives and we desire to help other people experience life change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s what Stonebridge is all about.