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Season of Prayer

What a journey it has been. What a journey we have ahead of us. God has been Good.  He has opened doors no one else could open, granted us access to things we could never access ourselves, and He continues to bring people to our church who want to serve and be on mission, people who have a Gospel humility and a heart for the Kingdom. It's truly been amazing!

We now in a season in which we are about to launch a second service and Bible study, and, by God's grace, continue to flesh out our discipleship and missions ministries in addition to all ministries related to our church.

This is not a business venture or a "Stonebridge" venture,  as if we were some business 'expanding,' because at the end of the day, it is not about us. It's not about me. It's not about you. It's about Him and His Kingdom and His Glory. Our only prayer is that we would be useful instruments  in His Hands.

As such, we are entering a season of prayer (yes, another season of prayer!) and will continue in this particular season through the launch of the second service. Yes, many meetings and much prayer and planning have already happened and much more is still ahead-but we must not lose sight of the source of everything-Jesus.

So, we will be praying for some very specific things at this time. There is a prayer guide on the Welcome Desk in the foyer hallway. I hope you will grab one.

I hope you will be praying with your Sunday school classes, your worship practices, mens and women's ministries, with us in worship, on Wednesday nights, perhaps gathering with a few others at some point in the week to pray together, and certainly praying on your own each day and night with us.

We can do nothing apart from Him. Those are His words, not mine.  As such, this is another wonderful opportunity for us  to slow down, humble ourselves, not rely on our wisdom or strength or planning-and to look to Him. 

I am eager to see what He has for us. I know you are as well.


For the King and His Kingdom!