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The Call to Prayer: Faith, Persevering and Waiting

What an exciting time it is at Stonebridge Baptist Church! We are starting to see our Saturday service gain traction and visitors! We continue to see visitors weekly in our Sunday services. We see the Spirit of God moving and the fellowship and unity is a blessing!

It's hard to believe we are entering our 9th week of two services, yet here we are, and as we discussed this weekend in our services, the church is being called to prayer. We are specifically seeking the Lord's wisdom, provision and will for us as we continue to pursue Him. He is aware of our needs and opportunities and those things that we cannot do in our own strength-so we are coming together as a church to pray and seek Him and ask Him to do what only He can do!

We heard testimony this Saturday and Sunday of how the Lord has worked in the past, and how is it at work now. We looked at several Scriptures that helped us re-center ourselves on those Truths we must not only remember, but embrace if we are to be an uncommon church the Lord uses mightily for His glory:

* Jesus will build His church. We are coming together as His people and praying HIS will be done in terms of how He builds and what He wants to do.

* Faith is required. If we remove faith from the equation, we no longer have Christianity, or following Jesus or church. We are asking the Lord to help us cling to His Person and Promises and follow Him as He leads.

* We are aware that His ways are not ours, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. We are also aware His timing is not our timing! As such, we are praying the Lord would help us to be patient as we pray in faith and wait on Him. His plans for us are far better than anything we can concoct for ourselves!

It was this time last year we entered into another season of prayer. The Lord opened doors locally and abroad that we would have never sought ourselves. He showed us amazing things! Now, we are seeking Him as we continue to follow Him in faith, to ask Him to order our hearts, minds and steps.

A prayer guide was available in the Saturday and Sunday services. If you missed either or did not grab a guide, more will be availalbe in the foyer on the First Impressions Welcome Desk this week.

Let's pursue Him and ask Him to do what only He can do, for His glory and the blessing of many!

Grace and Peace,