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Walk Across That Room Before Easter Sunday!

About ten years ago, Bill Hybels wrote a book entitled "Just Walk Across the Room." I enjoyed the book and it's simple and practical admonition: be in prayer for the lost around you, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and take that step of faith to develop relationships with the lost around you for the sake of the Gospel.

Sounds easy, right? If we are honest, sometimes it's very hard. We find ourselves more concerned about rather silly things such as 'what will this person think of me?' or ' what if they reject what I am sharing?' or, my favorite, 'what if I mess up?'-you will, by the way, and that is okay. God is looking for your avaibility and willingness.

We are surrounded (literally) by lost people all around us. They are in our neighborhoods, in the stores we frequent, the gym we go to, the park we visit, they are in our workplaces, in our schools, in our family, among our friends. They are literally everywhere.

And, instead of asking God to save them (but leave me out of that whole process, Lord!) and doing nothing, the challenge this week is to make that subtle shift to not only praying for our lost friends to know Jesus (and if you aren't doing that-start now!) to actually asking the Lord to open doors for us to share and develop relationships for His sake!

It starts with that first step. I want to challenge all of us as we approach Easter to take that step. No doubt God has placed someone on your heart, someone that keeps coming to mind. Start there! Don't keep putting that person off, the gospel off, Jesus off.

As Hybels would say: "pray, be sensitive to the Spirit, and just walk across the room and trust that God is already working in that situation, in that person's life, in your life." Just start.

Surveys show that over 80% of people indicate they would attend Easter services if invited by a friend or co-worker or acquaintance. Be that person!

For the King and His Kingdom!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kevin