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Wisdom in an Unwise Age

We live in interesting times. There is much confusion over many things that once did not seem so confusing at all. 

What does it mean to be wise? What does it mean to be responsible? How do we make wise choices and avoid foolish choices? How do we properly relate to one another? How do we relate to money and work and family? What kind of goals are noble and good? What is virtuous? How is a healthy marriage cultivated? What is wise (and not wise) when it comes to making decisions in parenting? 

So many things in our Current Age come down to personal preferences and opinions because the idea that objective truths and absolutes exist is largely rejected, therefore,  foolishness abounds.

Foolishness results in pain and unnecessary heartache and angst. The consequences of not rejecting wisdom and embracing foolishness are very real. Marriages suffer. Relationships are fragmented. God is not known. Desires and temptations and emotions, not wisdom, rule and dominate the heart. Parenting is infinitely more difficult. Simple planning and decision making paralyzes. 

These things should not be among the people of God because God has revealed Himself to us in His Word. The book of Proverbs is a beautiful call to walk in wisdom and for the next several weeks, we will be walking through Proverbs in our worship services. 

We live in an age where foolishness is increasingly celebrated and lives are fractured and broken as a result. I hope you will worship with us as we walk through this new series, beginning Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26. 

In case you did not know, we have services on Saturday and Sunday to choose from. 

I hope to see you this weekend as we journey together through Proverbs! May we all grow in the way of wisdom!

Grace to You,

Pastor Kevin